Summer at ASCS

At All Saints, we don’t stop teaching just because the school year is over. For 11 weeks during summer vacation we offer a full day program for children grades K-8 that combines STEM based learning with games, activities, and field trips so that students from all school districts retain what they’ve learned and finish the summer with a head start for the following school year.

Themed weeks for Summer 2017

June 19-23 Matisse to Monet: Art projects using a variety of medium such as mosaics, painting, collage, photography, and much more.

June 26-30 Maker Fun Factory (Vacation Bible School week)

July 3-7 Body Smarts: Learn about how your body works, the food it needs to fuel, and how to keep it healthy. Make a stomach in a bag, create a rubbery bone, and find great ways to have fun while exercising your muscles. *

* This is a short week due to 4th of July. The ASCS Summer Program will be open on July 6th and 7th. Cost for this week is $70.

July 10-14 Feathers, Fur, and Fangs: Meet and learn to care for parrots, rabbits, dogs, cats, and rodents. Enjoy snacks, crafts and games all centered around the animals of the day.

July 17-21 Into the Woods: Look deeper into the forest ecosystem. Explore the hidden world under logs and the busy world living in and around a tree. Using activities from Project Learning Tree, learn about the forest ecosystem in which we live through observations, experiments, and art. This camp week includes a trip to Fields Pond Audubon Center.

July 24-28 Once Upon a Time Week: Step back in time to the Middle Ages with stories, plays, castle construction, catapults, music and crafts of the time.

July 31-Aug 4 Out of this World: Explore the world of outer space. Build a solar stove and cook your own snack. Make moon craters. Paint a constellation. Create a rocket for an egg, and much much more!

Aug 7-11 Snap, Crackle, and Pop: Learn about sound and how it works. Create your own instruments. Learn sign language. Try out different instruments. Make some noise!

Aug 14-18 Cooking up Chemistry: Find out how much fun chemistry can be. Explosions, concoctions, and creations all using chemistry! This week includes a field trip to Specialty Sweets, where we will be cooking up some treats.

Aug 21-25 Water Week: Learn about the properties of water, what lives in it, how to protect it, and how much fun you can have with it! Water balloons, water filters, water bugs, and water art!

Aug 28 – Sept 1 Trotting the Globe: Travel the globe exploring the customs, food, music, and dance of Texas, Hawaii, Mexico and China.