Elementary Curriculum

AllSaints-Rotators-006The Elementary Curriculum at All Saints runs from Kindergarten through grade five (5).

All Saints Catholic School’s St. Mary’s campus is the home of our Preschool through fourth grade classrooms.

Located at 768 Ohio Street in Bangor, this campus fosters not only the academic excellence expected, but also maintains a strong religious connection with St. Mary’s Church located on the same campus.  Students at All Saints Catholic School engage in vigorous academic studies, attend Mass weekly on Wednesdays at St. Mary’s Church and have the opportunity to excel in Spanish, Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education.

When students move on to fifth grade, they transition to St. John’s Campus, located at 166 State Street in Bangor. Students continue their academic studies attend Mass at St. John’s Church located on York Street in Bangor. Starting in fifth grade, our students all have the opportunity to participate in school sports throughout the year.