At All Saints Catholic School, our kindergarten through grade eight faculty maintain State Teacher Certification. The curriculum is aligned with Maine State Learning Standards.

Our students consistently perform exceptionally on standardized tests and have the opportunity to take advanced learning classes in Math, beginning at a higher level when they enter high school.

In 2015, All Saints purchased brand new MacBooks so that each and every middle school student has their own assigned computer to use within the classroom. These high-end computers allow teachers incorporating technology into the classroom with cross-curriculum projects that include presentations, internet research, and video.

At All Saints Catholic School, students develop strong reading skills within a literature-rich environment. Working from a literature-based reading series, teachers go beyond the text to provide a strong foundation in decoding strategies, comprehension, study skills and writing. Included is a weekly school library program, during which students select books of interest and listen to stories read aloud. The curriculum is designed to help students develop higher level thinking skills, as well as a greater appreciation and understanding of the world of literature and ideas communicated through the written word.

The instructional program used at All Saints Catholic School was developed according to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Math. Strong practical and analytical skills in computation, concepts, reasoning, estimation, measurement, geometric concepts and problem-solving are taught. Algebra is offered to middle-school students ready for accelerated studies.

Social Studies
The social studies curriculum helps students develop an understanding of history, civics, geography and related skills. Students learn about the events and conditions that have influenced our state, nation and world. The social studies curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking, research and the application of course work to modern day situations and responsibilities.

The science curriculum provides students with an understanding of the biological, physical and earth sciences. Students learn to approach science through grade-appropriate levels of investigation, experimentation and analysis. Our program includes a hands-on approach, fostering learning and discovery.

Beginning with basic drawing, color and design skills and gradually progressing to more challenging media opportunities, students discover the joy of their own creativity. They also learn to appreciate art as a form of human communication and expression through the study of visual artists and their works. Keeping in mind that children are made in the image of God, their Creator, they are encouraged to discover their own individuality through art.

Foreign Language
Because of its historical and modern day use significance, Spanish is taught at All Saints Catholic School from Pre-K to 8th Grade. Native speaking teachers use full immersion through games, projects, music and movement, treasure hunts and other activities that have been designed to maximize learning and fun.  The unique curriculum and methodology provide an enjoyable way for children to learn a foreign language.

Through the music curriculum, students develop an understanding and appreciation of music as a creative form of expression with deep historical and cultural significance. Lessons are heavily interactive and focus on concepts and history, as well as performance. Students in all grades participate in at least two public performances each year. 5th Grade students have the option of joining band. Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in Band, Chorus, selected musical ensembles, and a student led musical theatre group.

Physical Education
All Saints Catholic School’s physical education program focuses on basic physical exercise, balance skills and motor coordination. As students progress through the grades, they learn the rules and techniques of competitive sports, as well as the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Through the religion curriculum, faculty relate the moral, social, and ethical concerns and responsibilities of humanity to a well-rounded education. Parish sacramental programs are supported and reinforced. Students participate in daily religion classes, attend Mass once each week, and pray with classmates and their teachers.

Students of all ages develop relationships with each other through the Prayer Partner Program. Community and parish service projects relevant to religious education are incorporated into the academic program at each grade level. A number of school-wide prayer services, Masses, and other religious activities occur during the academic year.

Our automated libraries offer students a variety of resources that support our curriculum, stimulate their imaginations and satisfy their reading pleasure. Library skills taught in the classroom reading program are reinforced in the library through group activities. In addition, students learn to appreciate many types of literature during weekly story times and have the opportunity to select books to read at home.

Eastern Maine Math League
Throughout the school year, students in grades 6-8 take Math League exams in the classroom. Top scorers represent All Saints Catholic School at the League Final Championship.

Integrated Programs
Several programs are offered throughout the curriculum, which help students learn how to make healthy choices, like Circle of Grace and Theology of the Body for Teens.